Possibly Drunk
Ty: Maaaaan... I'm scared I've lost some kinda "edge"
Ty: Like I've lost access to something that makes me a good writer or witty.
Rickard: these things always creep up though
Rickard: blocks
Rickard: then the fear that you've lost your edge
Rickard: then you voice your concern to me
Rickard: I sigh
Rickard: I try to comfort you
Rickard: then it doesn't work
Rickard: "There, there, Ty. It'll be alright"
Ty: but... I'm still afraid
Rickard: See how much time I saved us!
Schrödinger's Pact
Ty: look at this shit [url]
Rickard: ugh, it's terrible!
Ty: 5000 notes though
Ty: I guess we're wrong!
Ty: *gunshot*
Rickard: aaah, I also wanna kill myself
Rickard: but I don't own a gun!
Ty: not even a pretend one?
Rickard: I never picked one up
Ty: how about a bottle of sleeping pills or something, got those?
Rickard: not pretend ones
Ty: well that stuff WAS pretty terrible
Rickard: extreme measures then!
Ty: nice knowing you
Rickard: haha, how worried are you I'll actually down a bottle of pills right now?
Ty: only slightly.
Smart Equals Dick Squared
Ty: I was taking a brain test on an app last night, just like for fun
Rickard: hurry to tell your presumably lame story about how smart you are so I can say my thing
Ty: Apparently I score high on "brain processing speed" (no other areas though).
Rickard: So what does that say about MY processing speed, jumping to that realization before you could even verbalize it yourself
Rickard: moral of the story; no matter how smart you are, I'm smarterer
Ty: I was answering a phone call in between...
Rickard: moral of the story; I'll always find a way to be smug
Ty: That's the moral of every story with you
Talking to my mountain of dishes.

Talking to my mountain of dishes.

Asked Dave for a reference to base a sketch on and he url’d me this.

Asked Dave for a reference to base a sketch on and he url’d me this.







Just watch it.

oh……my fucking

No, seriously. Watch the video.

but guys…can you imagine what would happen if someone hacked the highways? 




Human Moment
Rickard: my morning haze just lifted
Rickard: and I just remembered
Rickard: did you call me a good friend out of the blue this morning?
Ty: I did
Rickard: what were you, drunk again?
Ty: ah come on, I don't drink that much
Ty: I was trying to have a human moment with you
Rickard: so no excuse, you're just like, super gay
Ty: no, just a poor judge of character
A @Sketch_Dalies sketch of Harlequin.

A @Sketch_Dalies sketch of Harlequin.

Had to get this out of my head.

Had to get this out of my head.

I really love the expressive quality of your drawings. They have such nice organic lines and still have that kind of sharpness to balance it out. How would you describe your path to get to a style like this?

Line-wise I’m honestly not sure. I’m just a neat-freak when it comes to lines and I freak out and obsess over them. Other than that I doubt I’ve taken a path less traveled by other artist.
However the trick with any solid line work is confident strokes and that’s something you can’t force and only gain after years of drawing.

As for their expressive quality, I’m not an animator but most of my influences comes from animation, which is a very expressive medium.